Smells Like Protein Spirit

Hola Chubbies! I realize that this is becoming an all too popular refrain, but it’s been WAY too long since we’ve hung out. I’ve been on the move, not on the run.¬†A friend… Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday Taproom on 19th!

It’s official! On Saturday November 8th from 4p to close, Pigheaded BBQ will be the guest chefs at Taproom on 19th! Come join us as we help celebrate what we can only hope… Continue reading

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Hola Chubbies! My year-long hiatus has officially come to an end. I hope all fourteen of you are doing well. While the title above may suggest that this newest entry highlights me finally… Continue reading

Nice Cans!

It’s been too long my loyal Chubbies! I hope the last few months have been productive and without (major) issue. I haven’t been on the run, just on the move. My work has… Continue reading

Fishes and Cheeses and Meats – Oh, My!

I have finally recovered from the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day one-two punch that rendered me and my faculties completely useless for a period of 48 hours. (Think Neo after the major fight… Continue reading

Chappy Holidays!

Have you ever desired something so strongly and built it up in your mind to such a degree that it never truly had a realistic chance of fulfilling your expectations? One summer when… Continue reading

The Cheese Whiz-ards

My taco-dependencies, capsaicin cravings and BBQ proclivities are well documented. Truthfully speaking, each is a relative newcomer to the GrubChub¬†party – a shindig that’s been raging for over 4 decades. I love me… Continue reading

In a word, “Thank You.”

OK, so that’s two words. I was told there’d be no math. As I sit here on this chilly Sunday evening following Thanksgiving, my wife and I are nestled in our favorite chairs… Continue reading

Taco Conspirator

The majority of life’s lubricant coursing though my veins and directly fueling my Chub consists of garlic, olive oil, crushed San Marzano’s, fresh basil, hot red pepper flake, salt, pepper, Romano cheese and… Continue reading

“I Did It All For The Nookie!”

“C’mon the Nookie. C’mon. So you can take that Nookie and serve it with some fries, serve it with some fries, serve it with some fries.” While Durst may croon angrily as the… Continue reading

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